Stephen Hawkins

A great man passes away. Diagnosed with a rare motor neuron disease at the age of 21, Stephen Hawkins was given only two years to live. Yet he went on to Cambridge and gave the world some of the most sought answers to the mysteries of the universe. Author of the best seller “Brief History... Continue Reading →


Spring is in the air!

With new leaves sprouting and flowers blooming all around, it looks like the earth has come to life again. Snow melts, fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and everything gets a refreshing touch. Birds seem merrier than ever, their song and fragrance of flowers fills the air and gives a wonderful experience for all our senses.... Continue Reading →

A bird in the forest

  Within the greens this bird is seen Fluttering wings with glistening sheen Among the trees, upon the twigs Singing songs, savoring the spring   No fears, no frets, no do’s, no don’ts No hurdles that my kind creates No mad rat race to take part in No bulls, no bears, no man made trends... Continue Reading →


Read! For all wisdom Is hidden in words Golden words of the sages Preserved in books Still have the power To guide, to steer, to show the way Read!


One of the most beautiful faculties granted to man is the power of Imagination. The human brain is the most highly evolved entity on earth. It gives man the power of thinking, and beyond that, of imagination and creativity. From the cave paintings of early man as the most basic expression of human imagination to... Continue Reading →

Refresh Yourself

I was going through loads and loads of articles on the internet trying to learn some of the things the new internet lifestyle has to offer, and of course searching for ways to get along with the blog that I have started. I found out that the more I searched, the deeper I found myself... Continue Reading →


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