11 Health Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot, a variety of the Beta vulgaris plant, has been recognized for its medicinal and nutritious properties for thousands of years. Chock-full of essential minerals and nutrients, this deep colored vegetable is a power food that should always form an important part of our weekly menu. It has the following health benefits. 1. Highly nutritious... Continue Reading →

Flower of the Day-June 9

Here is my entry for Cee's Flower of the Day- June 9. Every day we find a beautiful flower to enjoy in Cee's blog. I am adding one of my own also today. I hope it makes a good addition to Cee's beautiful bouquet.

Try Making A Floating Candle Centerpiece

I have always been fascinated by floating candle centerpieces, they look so beautiful yet they are quite easy to make.  Floating candles make gorgeous centerpieces. They are always popular and are an inexpensive way of decorating your home, weddings or special events. All you have to do is to put some beautiful objects in a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge- All time favorites

Here is my entry for the WordPress Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge- All Time Favourites. I am posting a few pictures that I took in different places, at different times. I like the patterns that leaves and branches form against a stunning backdrop.  

The Plant In The Crystal Bowl

Here is my entry for Rochelle's Friday Fictioneer's Photo prompt It is a poem 100 words in length, written in response to the photo prompt.   Nested in a sparkling crystal bowl The beautiful green leaves peep Showing their smiling faces Beautifying the whole room With this touch of green The plant As it sits... Continue Reading →

How To Make A Simple Flower Arrangement

Flower arranging is an interesting and pleasurable activity. Handling colorful flowers and creating beautiful arrangements is a gratifying experience, in addition to the joy and vibrancy that the arrangement itself brings. I feel everyone should try it, it is not as difficult as it seems. I have been trying to do some arrangements lately and... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

Here is my entry for the Daily Post WordPress Photo Challenge- Twisted. The twists and turns of the roots in the photo above create an interesting pattern on the wall! The lamps in the photo below are made of twisted wire and are throwing their soft light on the twisted branches creating an intricate framework of... Continue Reading →

The Roses In The Greens

Here is my entry for  Kiwana's weekly tanka challenge-week 97: bouquet & greenery   No less than gems Peeping with beautiful faces From among the cluster of green leaves   No less in beauty Than the shimmering pearl Nested snugly between two shells   No less in fragrance Than the sweet aroma Of the most extravagant... Continue Reading →

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea, a refreshing drink made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant is considered to be the healthiest beverage on earth. Packed with materials that are highly beneficial, green tea works wonders for the body. Its medicinal properties have been recognized for centuries throughout the world. Drinking a few cups every day gives a... Continue Reading →

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